EXCLUSIVE: Listen To May’s Futuristic Sounds!

Club Penguin Future Party

As many of you may already know by now, Club Penguin’s party for May is set to be something “out of this world!” A “Future Party” is coming to the island this May and we’ve got a few exclusive sounds worth sharing. Here are 8 new songs/sound effects for May’s futuristic party! Take a listen:

Igloo Space Zoo:

Space Battle Robots:

Ultimate Battle:

Welcome To The Future:

Extra Planetary Force:

Strange Galaxy:

Zero Gravity Disco:

Igloo Control Room:


Club Penguin for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Video

That video was the new promotional video for the Club Penguin App; now available on iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. Check out Monchocho exploring the app on his iPod Touch by clicking here! I think this video rocks as it shows the world of Club Penguin and what we do in it – I just think it’s really neat!

Have you downloaded the app for your iPhone/iPod Touch? Let us know!


Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Party PH Tracker

It’s here! Club Penguin’s much-anticipated Puffle Party is finally here with brand new room decorations, puffles, tricks, items and more! When you first log onto the island PH will talk to you.

Club Penguin Puffle Party PH Tracker

G’day! Welcome to the Puffle Party! This here’s your Puffle Progress tracker. Check it for prizes each day!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 PH Tracker

You can see the new cat and dog puffle and learn about puffle tricks at the Pet Shop. Ace!

At the Pet Shop you can talk to PH (again) and she’ll introduce you to a new feature called “Puffle Tricks.”

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 PH Tracker

You and your puffle can now do tricks! Congrats! They’re great way to bond with your puffles. (Click on the Puffle Trick icon and choose one.)

There are 6 new puffle tricks your puffle can do. Simply click on the Puffle Trick icon, choose one and watch your puffle amaze you! Or if it’s anything like Zabby, love you…

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014

Now click on the Puffle Progress icon (located in the top-right corner of your screen). Here you will see the different items available for both members and non-members. Each day new items will be added to make sure to check daily to collect them all!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014

Below, you’ll see an image of when the new items are available and what room they’re in!

Puffle Party

As well as the items, you can also transform by clicking (you guessed it!), “Transform!” You can transform into one of your puffles! (Note: EVERYONE can do it!)

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014

Here are some of my favorite rooms during the Puffle Party:

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014

Lastly, come back April 24th for the Puffle Gala at the Stage!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014

Aaaaand that’s all for today! Don’t forget to keep logging back onto Club Penguin to collect new items each day. With that being said, what do YOU think? How are you liking this year’s Puffle Party? I think it’s awesome!

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are. Happy Puffle Month!

-Monchocho & Dupple

About Me: Lionpolice

Hey Penguins,

Ever since I have been working with Monchocho, I could not get the time to introduce myself properly. So, today I want to introduce myself to you.

I’m Sam (AKA Lionpolice). I’ve been playing Club Penguin for quite a few years. While I was in the Kindergarten, I saw some of my friends bragging about an online game called Club Penguin. I thought of trying it once.

It was Saturday morning, when I sat in front of the computer and I was curious about the game. With my father’s help, I created my first ever account which was known as “Lionpolice”. On my first day at Club Penguin, all things went wrong, which was like a terrible nightmare! I could not figure out how to move my avatar, and I got quite anxious and frustrated! I was continually pressing the Arrow keys and Enter key to move Lionpolice. But soon my Dad figured out how to ‘move’ on Club Penguin with the help of mouse.

It was not quite a long time, I became a Club Penguin enthusiast and I learned how to buy clothes, igloo items and earn coins. I bought my first membership (which was only for 1 month)  from Walmart. I would play Club Penguin all the time. And, my parents thought I was getting mad due to this addiction of Club Penguin in my mind. They had set a time limit for me to play Club Penguin.

After my membership expired, I begged my Mother to get me another one. But, I had to sacrifice a lot for another membership! Soon after, I was on paid membership of 6 months.

At that time, I would visit the blog of Lux1200 to get informed about the latest news and happenings trending on the island. Seeing his blog, I got the idea of making my own blog. My first blog was created somewhere in 2009.

I would visit Monchocho’s blog, too. He was an inspiration that time. I would get jealous of his fame and fans, and I even copied his posts and put it on my blog…… Sorry, Monchy. Not long after, the blog was deleted by me.

When it was July in 2013, I remembered all those awesome and thrilling moments I experienced during blogging. Soon, I opened another blog in which Joel Roxx helped me! But, it was also closed (not really). It is now on the Internet for archives.

And, now I’m so lucky to work with such a renowned blogger like Monchoho (whom, I would get jealous… LOL)

I hope, you’ve learned a lot about me. No more today.

Waddle on!


How To Make A Garden Veggie Quiche

A new recipe on making the Garden Veggie Quiche was released today on the Fun Stuff page of Club Penguin. You can check it out below!

Club Penguin PH Tracker

You Will Need:

  • A glass pie dish


  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups (500ml) partly skimmed milk
  • 1 cup (100g) plain flour
  • 1 cup (100g) grated cheese (gruyere or cheddar)
  • 1 cups (100g) fresh spinach leaves, torn
  • 10 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • salt and pepper
  • A dash of olive oil (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. Beat the eggs with the flour in a large bowl.
  3. Add the milk and whisk the mixture.
  4. Mix in the grated cheese and add a pinch of salt and pepper.
  5. Add the torn spinach leaves and tomato halves to the mix.
  6. Grease your pie dish and carefully empty the mixture into it.
  7. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes.
  8. Once the quiche is nice and golden, ask your parent or guardian to take it out of the oven and let it cool.
  9. It’s ready!

Let me know your thoughts on this recipe!