Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Walkthrough

Halloween Party Banner

Club Penguin’s most terrifying party of the year has begun! And this time with a delicious twist! When you first log in Rookie will appear and talk to you about trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

The island is filled with candy, like bursting. I ordered waaaaaay too much! Trick-or-treat on the island or in igloos to get as much as you can.

Oh, and some candies are cursed… But I don’t think anything bad can happen from a curse, right?

Well, it is a CURSE after all so… obviously not Rookie!

To get started head over to one of the many┬áJack-O’-Laterns around the island.

A pop-out of the inside of the Jack-O’-Lantern will appear. Choose three candies at random and…

… and after each candy is unwrapped it’ll tell you how many candies you’ve won!

If you’re lucky enough you might even win a cursed candy to transfrom into a zombie, werewofl, and/or vampire.

Here’s how my penguin looks like as a vampire… SPPOOKYY!

The bonus candy will be added to your trick-or-treating bag to use it to transform later on if you’d like. There are 9 different cursed candies to collect.

If you collect all 9 candies you’ll earn a prize!

You can use the candies you’ve collected to buy costumes from the party catalog.

Oh, and I almost forgot! There are 6 new spook-tacular emotes!

Sweet! (Maybe a little too sweet? Get it? … Eh, bad joke! Lol) So what do you think? How do you like this year’s Halloween Party? Is it the best one yet? I like it. It’s alright.

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what YOUR thoughts are.



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