Club Penguin YouTube Background Update

Hello Penguins!

The Ultimate Jam starts a couple of days and with it right around the corner, Club Penguin updated their YouTube background! In this new background you can clearly see Cadence singing on the right and two special guests (Rocky and Cece from Shake It Up) on top of the background.

Awesome right? Just seeing this background got me hyped up for Ultimate Jam! I can already imagine what it is going to be like. Do you like this background and does it make you excited for Ultimate Jam?

Make sure to comment and tell us!


7 comments to Club Penguin YouTube Background Update

  • Great post, Jermaine! And, yes I’m so excited!! The Background & Icon are great to. :)

    -Michael 2556

  • mudkip606

    on my youtube i havent got this bg please tell us how to get it

    – mudkip606
    Reply from Monchocho:

    It’s from xD

  • Hi guys i have got a party so i wanna tell where it is.

    Room:Ninja hideout,Fire dojo and water dojo


    Time:10:00pm club penguin time

    Date:Friday July Australian date i am sorry if you dont live in australia because if its Friday it might be Thursday or Saturday so i hope you can make it

    What to do:Dress up as a ninja at the ninja hideout and we can all get that Ninja Meeting stamp I hope you will love my party and have lots of fun!

  • Epic P3

    Ikr looks cool from far imagine from close!!!

    Reply from Monchocho:

    Agreed xD

  • Cool man8172

    Nice can’t wait to see it

  • Awesome thanks for telling us! PS Jermaine if your on monchocho’s chat now or any main owners i got banned for saying buying on by the bot :s

    Reply from Monchocho:

    Thanks for letting us know, it looks like there’s a bot >.< And sorry for not replying lately, I’ve been busy, busy, busy :P

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