Club Penguin May 2012 Medieval Party Cheats

The waiting is over! The brand-new Medieval Party is here with a brand new quest, new free items, and more! To start with, head over to the Ski Hill to pick up your first free item – a Noble Helmet!

You can also find a free blue Noble Cap at the bridge on your way to Scorn’s Reign.

There’s even more free items but for now, that’s all you need to know. I’ll show you more later on in this post.

And in celebration of the Medieval Party, Club Penguin also updated their party catalog and added brand new items including the Thunder Blade, Onyx Dragon outfit, and much more! To check them out, head to the Gift Shop. And as for hidden items…

Now this is where the real fun begins… to defeat Scorn/complete your quest you must first find 3 magical items first.

To find the first one (slingshot) head over to the Dock. It should be right next to the shore above a purple stone.

The second item (the orbs) are located at the Beach right beneath Scorn’s statue.

And finally, the third item (cursed stones) are located at the Ski Village next to Scorn’s statue.

Got them? Sweet! Now head to the Ski Hill to defat Scorn! It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is point your cursor to the orbits/spheres to pop them. Once you pop enough, you’ll defeat Scorn. Got it?

Did I mention each sphere you pop gives you at least 10 coins?

Once you’ve defeated Scorn you will receive the amount of coins you earned and a message saying…

Victory is yours! You have defeated Scorn and saved the kingdom! Now cross the bridge into the Sky Kingdom, and bring peace back to Club Penguin…

And you will also receive a Scorn pin once you’ve defeated him.

See that Skyward Staff in that picture above? Well, continue waddling to the Sky Kingdom and there you will find it – FREE for members!

With it, you can enter the Sky Tower and if at least more than 5 penguins enter the Sky Tower with you, a rainbow will appear, doors will open, etc.

And that’s about it… Whoops! I almost forgot, for the Medieval Party Quest cheats #1, #2, and #3 click the links below.

Now we are done. So tell me… Did you enjoy the new quest? What about the decorations? Do you like all the new free items? I do! I love the whole party but sadly, like always, everything is for members only. In my opinion, Club Penguin should at least let the Medieval Party be for non-members for 1 day. That would be pretty cool!

So what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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