New Video: Dubstep Puffle

Do you know what dubstep is? In a few words, dubstep is a genre of electronic-dance music. Today Club Penguin uploaded a new video featuring Dubstep the black puffle listening to “dubstep” music. In this video we see Dubstep the puffle bouncing everywhere around the island enjoying his music. Not to mention they created a few memes for this video like the ones below:

If you pay close attention you will aslo notice a few penguins in Club Penguin’s office wearing Mickey Mouse ears! Since Disney bought Club Penguin in 2007 these ears have appeared everywhere! I’m hoping one day Club Penguin makes these actual items we can buy for our penguins. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Now, this video features many videos Club Penguin haz released in the past but around minute 1:26 we see a new film with 3 puffles and Klutzy in some sort of secret lab. Could this be Herbert’s new cave? Could this be a sneak peek from an upcoming Club Penguin short film? After all, Club Penguin did mention the upcoming short film would be a sneak peek of something “big.” Could this be it?

Finally, at the end of the video Club Penguin includes a special code to unlock green headphones for your puffle! To unlock these, enter the code HPHONES1.

So what do you think? Do you like this new video? Hopefully, Club Penguin will release more of these (or even short films) in the future!

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