Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 Sneak Peek from Happy 77

Hello Penguins!

With the Medieval Party coming in 1 week, Happy 77 uploaded a new Medieval Party sneak peek video! It’s pretty cool…Check it out:

Here ye! Here ye!

The Medieval Party is coming to Club Penguin on May 20. There’ll be a brand new Knight’s Quest for members, and the whole island will be decorated to celebrate knights, dragons, princesses and other fun medieval stuff.

The team and I whipped up this little sneak peek of the new Knight’s Quest for you. What do you think?

WOW Happy, this is awesome! As you might already know, Club Penguin will be adding a new quest and with it, a new white knight armor! Happy 77, this video is totally awesome! Why you keep teasing us? LOL Just kidding… Are you excited? So, so excited? Haha… get that? xD Cause it’s almost friday, friday… never mind. Haha…

So what do you think? The Medieval Party starts in a week so make sure to come back for your daily dose of cheats! Haha…


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