New Card Jitsu Stamps!

Hello Penguins!

With Card Jitsu Water here, Club Penguin released new stamps for every Card Jitsu Game! YES! For Card Jitsu, Card Jitsu Fire and Water! Cool, huh? Take a look:

I believe there’s a glitch right now with stamps since I have done some of those challenges before… Hmm.. So what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

BTW – Come back in a few minutes for the best Card Jitsu Water Guide!


30 comments to New Card Jitsu Stamps!
  • Alena

    Ive challenged sensei like 70 times 3 days in a row and i still havent seen the sensei power card, any ideas? =( im gonna screaaaam

  • vyhp

    i’ve been trying to get the sensei power card a lot of times but i never did. I really cant wait.. he puts 12 snow card but its not d one we want. Lol!!!! i want it now.,……………………. :P

  • Cole Pearson

    Is The Card Unlockable? :)

  • hey Anubis99 do you ever watch House of Anubis because i love that show :)

  • Rezaul

    How do i get sensei power car

  • I DID IT I REACH MY GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i Got 188 Stamps Including The Sensi Power Card!
    I Just Got Sensi Power Card Today At Big Foot
    At 12 o clock And I Saw Chrissdog Yaaaay! Im Sooooooo Amazing

  • Hey People My Mom Says Im A Little Old For My Cp Account
    Well Im 35 And Im Gonna Give It Away Soo Just Tell Me If You Want It And Ill Give It To You Im A Member Forever Not Band And If You Want This Account U Have To Gimmie Urse I Have 200 Stamps Soo Plz Right Me A Letter And Ill Tell You My Account If You Tell Me Yours But It Has To Be A MEMBER!

  • Sprogg

    i read all the comments and you said you have the sensei power card!! really!! can u play against me plz i am sprogg i really have been trying so so hard to get the sensei power card but it never works!! how do you even get the sensei power card for yourself?? do u have to buy it or something??


  • jenbal45

    i play sensei never got the sensei power card stamp.

    plz help!

    You don’t need to play with Sensei, you need to play with someone who has that power card :P

  • Agent ad34

    I played agaist Sensie for the first time ever and i got the sensei power card stamp!

    Lucky! :D Nice

  • 50cent801

    I have played sensei like 20 times in 3 days and he takes snow and number 12 but never his power card!! AND I TAKE IT SUPER EASY BUT HE NEVER SHOWS HIS POWER CARD AND IT WILL TAKE FOREVER AND EVER JUST TO GET TO SEE HIS POWER CARD!!!!!!!!:(

    Sorry, just keep playing and see if anyone else has it

  • It took me 2 tries to see sensei power card so now i have the stamp! 8 tries must be tough. lol

  • Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! :D

    Merry Xmas to you too! :D

  • I’m sorry pengi. I don’t have the stamp also. :(

  • Pengi

    I’ve played Sensei 8 times but I havent seen the card! Omg how do I see it?! Cuz my patience isnt lasting for any longer!!! Yeah I’ve played SENSEI challlenged him 8 times and Im going for ONCE more but I doubt Ill see the card! I’ve tried forcing him to play a snow card by playing dumb but he chooses the simplest snow card worth of 3. :( PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE AND TIPS IM ABOUT TO SCREAM MY HEAD OFF OF FRUSTRATION!! IT’S GETTING IRRITATING TO YELL AT SENSEI (bascially the computer) and my family wondering whats wrong with me

    Just keep playing with ANYONE, someone on Club Penguin should have that card xD I have it :P

  • ok just make the screen smaller and make it blurry!!! :D

  • Anybody want to know just send a message and i will tell you!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • i know a cheat to the water jitsu game, so now i am winning a lot!!!!!!!!! :D

    LOL! Awesome ryan! :D

  • Bluejay12345

    how do you get to see the sensei card on clubpenguin

    You just need to see the action sensei does in CJ, It’s a special card :P

  • with what program did you site :P

  • Chanhiesl

    awesome. Im working on my mask!

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  • Anubis99

    If you go against sensei card-jitsu and quit it you get the stamps same in card-jitsu fire too

    :O Cool!

  • Angie34

    “I believe there’s a glitch right now with stamps since I have done some of those challenges before… ” Hey Monchocho, for that glitch you were talking about for each game all you have to do is play a game of Card Jitsu or/and Card Jitsu-Fire and all your stamps that you previously earned will be rewarded to you (:

    :O Thanks Angie!! :D

  • Angie34

    November 24, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    “how do you get the sensie cards stamp

    Which one? The sensei stamps or the Sensei Card Stamp? :P

    if you’re looking to get the stamp for being in the same room as Sensei then you’re going to have to wait until he comes back to Club Penguin for a visit. Then when Sensei is back look for him and when you find him and are in the same room as him,you’ll get the stamp.

    If you’re looking to get the Sensei card stamp for seeing the Sensei power card then when you earn your black belt go to the Dojo. Then click on Sensei and select the “Challenge Sensei” option. Keep doing this until Sensei pulls out his power card a.k.a the Sensei power card. It’s a purple,12 power,snow card with Sensei on it holding a staff on a mountain or cliff. If you choose a snow card below then power of 12 or a water card then the effect of the card will be as following: a Sensei(not the Sensei you are battling) will come up to you and a gong will be in front of you. The Sensei will then hit the gong right in front of you and your penguin starts to shake. But you only need to see the card so you’re good whether that happens to you or not! =PPP
    Hope this helped Liam (:

  • Com Fox10

    Just challenge sensei or someone else and they will give you all of the stamps that you should earn

    Yeah! Thats how I got them xD

  • how do you get the sensie cards stamp

    Which one? The sensei stamps or the Sensei Card Stamp? :P

  • Chips45

    I thought the same thing so I went to play the game then quit and they come up -chips45

    Cool :D

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