Club Penguin Mission 11: The Veggie Villain Walkthrough

Hello Penguins!

Mission 11 is finally out and guess what? We are able to meet agent Dot + it seems the HQ has been ruined and they are working on a new one for EPF agents!! This new mission is pretty funny and hard. Here’s a video that will help you complete Mission 11 successfully with no problems!

Thanks to Me12101! for this Video

Cool right? I know many of you like the step by step guide, so I’ve decided to make one! Here’s how to complete Mission 11 successfully!

1. Talk to Gary and tell him those seeds are corn… Don’t get confused with jalapeños! ROFL

2. Go to the Town and enter the Gift Shop. Talk to Rookie and make sure to pick up those corn seeds.

3. Turn over and enter the Office. Once you are in, talk to the Jet Pack Guy and pick up the seeds.

4. Once you are done talking with the Jet Pack Guy, go to the HQ and talk with Gary. Monitors will shut down and Herbert will appear…

5. Go to the Beach and enter the Lighthouse. Pick up the CD under the piano and don’t forget the spray bottle. Before you leave the room, clean up the disc.

6. Go to the Ski Village and stop Herbert’s Broadcast! Click the DVD player behind the screen and insert the disc to the DVD player…

7. Rookie will tell you penguins can still hear the audio and to stop this you must use the wrench tool to open the signal strength box. Inside that box you will find a mini game! All you need to do is to get the right code.

8. Go to Mine Shack and enter the corn field. Follow the popcorns and make sure to pick up the wood and the papers.

9. At the end of the corn field you will find a river. Drag the wood and throw it to the River to continue your journey…

10. Throw some seeds to the fire and the ladder will come down.

11. You will now see Herbert and Klutzy sitting together visiting and looking at this guide. Turn off the power and talk to Herbert…

12. Talk to Gary and Rookie. Then look around for the closet and click those papers! You will now find a secret message that say “Click the Orange Book” CLICK IT!

13. Now it’s time for another mini game!! Follow the rules cause it’s a little bit tricky…

14. OMG! Guess what? Agent Dot will appear and she will help you get out! WOO HOO!

15. Talk to Gary and receive your medal! Woo hoo!

Pretty cool huh? But guess what? YOU ARE NOT DONE YET! xD If you wanna get your free Spy Goggles, follow this steps.

1. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the can.

2. Go back to the PSA Headquarters and put the can inside the Test Chamber. Fill it up with water and then click the snow button. Grab it and give it to Rory.

3. Rory will give you a lens. Go to the Ski Village and give the lens to the brown penguin! Now just follow my ultimate guide to finish the mission.

Pretty cool right? Once you are done, you will receive a snow globe from agent Dot. Click on the red button and receive a pair of Spy Goggles! Do you guys remember when we voted for them? Haha…

So what do you think? I think the new mission is AWESOME! This is the first time I post one and I wish I can post more in the future. The new Goggles look awesome and I also hope we can get to meet agent Dot in real life!

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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